What is DNS?

DNS denotes Domain Name System In networking, & this is the very thing liable for the communication of client with webpages without use of IP addresses. To use internet clients use domain names for accessing the websites while the web browsers using the IP addresses to open the same thing. DNS fulfill the objective of interpreter between IP Address& a domain name the browser gets the IP address whenever some body writes a Domain name.

Domain Name System
Domain Name System

Over the internet, there are several gadgets to count which are linked to one another &all of these has an IP address. Such IP Addresses are used by gadgets to identify new devices & DNS permits user to work together with such devices without use of their IP address. It’s a lot difficulty remembering the IP Address be it the IPv4 or the latest and more complicated IPv6 hence DNS saves the difficulty for clients.

Every time a hunt is made DNS works as an interpreter on the internet to do the hunt possible without using of directly the real IP address.

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