Find Router IP Address

Mostly,,, are the most familiar IP address to login into the router admin panel. But if both of them are do not work then here’s a guidebook to discover the default router IP address for your gadget:


If you are a Windows operator, in that case the process is simple for you. Within a second you will be capable of finding out the IP Address of Router. To search the IP Address of Router on Windows, stick to these simple steps presented:

  • Go to the Command Prompt either from the Start Menu or from the search bar by input “cmd” > Windows System > Command Prompt.
  • After Command Prompt open up, input ipconfig & push Enter.
  • Various results will be shown on the Windows of Command Prompt. The address beside the Default Gateway will be the IP Address of Router.


The process for discoveringthe default IP Address of Router is a littlecomplicatedthan Windows, thoughit isn’t very tough. Stick tothese steps to discoverthe IP Address of Router on macOS.

  • Visit Apple Menu > System First choice> Networks (icon).
  • Select the connection by which you’reconnected to at present.
  • Hit it off on Advanced key.
  • Without hesitation, press on TCP/IP tab & you will be capable of seeing the IP Address of Router.
  • Otherwise, you may even use the Terminal app for finding out the IP Address of Router.
  • From the Utilities Visit the Terminal app.
  • In the window terminal, write netstat–nr | grep default.
  • Outcomes will appear& you will find IP Address of your Router beside Gateway preference.


For Androidtools, to discover the default Router IP Address you may use a third-party app. But, for advancedvarietiesof Android, (7.0 & up), you mayget the IP Address straightfrom the device.

For doing that,

  • Visit Settings > Wireless & Network> Wi-Fi.
  • Hit on the Configure key.
  • The IP Address of Router will be displayed next to the IP address trademark.


Follow the steps to discover IP Address of the Router for iOS devices.

  • Visit Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Choose the network which you’re connected to currently.
  • Press on Fixed tab.
  • You may see IP Address of your router here.


To locatethe IP Address in Linux, stick tothese steps:

  • Visit Applications > System Devices> Terminal.
  • After the Terminal window emerges, write ipconfig.
  • You may see the Router IP Address beside the default gateway address in the results.

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