Login Admin is a unique type of IP address. This IP address is kept for getting admission into the admin panels of internet routers. This IP address & various related IP address for instance those of or or etc. are commonly acknowledged as the global standards for IP addresses of the router. In terms of technology it is even at times known as the IP “Default Gateway”.

How to Login to IP Address

The login is must for functioning of router or any modifying tasks to be carried by us. Therefore the process of login in to in IP router is as below:
Step 1 – In the beginning, write on the URL bar IP Address of your personal browser.
Step 2 – Now, when you have written the address, you will be taken to a webpage requesting for the password as well as username of your router so as to login.
Step 3 – Write your relevant login ID & you will get valid and get log on to various options such as security management & updates, etc.
Step 4 – Last of all if you notice anything abnormal, the reason may be you have written in the IP address wrong, rewrite and do again the process above.

How to Find IP Address of a Router

Rather than simply remembering the top process, you require to be familiar with one most crucial aspect too i.e. being conscious of the IP Address of the router. If, you aren’t conscious it can be discovered by:
Step 1 – Click on the prompt command.
Step 2 – Now on your system hit on the window icon & tap button R on the keyboard.
Step 3 – Now in the run box write cmd is the subsequent step.
Step 4 – Now you should write in ‘ipconfig’ & at the end click enter.
Step 5 – The default IP Address of your router will be visible here.

How to Change the IP Address of Router

In specific cases you may also require changing the default IP Address of router. Therefore you have to:
Step 1 – In your system go to the web browser.
Step 2 – Write default IP Address in your router’s address bar.
Step 3 –Also write your router’s username as well as password & hit on login.
Step 4 – Now move to network settings from the setup menu & provide in your to be recent subnet mask & IP Address.
Step 5 – Prior closing the browser save the settings.
Step 6 – The IP Address will be altered successfully by now.


Therefore, the context above has made us alert to what all we should be insensitive to as regards to router IP & all its associated aspects.

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