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This Internet protocol address is in the set of addresses that start from to and all these are categorized as private. The main users of the addresses in this range are home or residential networks. With a router, this address can be affixed to any gadget. A gadget here can be a laptop computer, mobile phone or desktop computer.

As hinted earlier, this IP address is a private one that has been put in place based on the regulations put in place in line with the RFC 1918. All the Internet protocol addresses in this range are private meaning they are not accessible to users in the public space. When there is the need to do an Internet connection using this IP address, it has to be via a gateway or a proxy server.

Why are IP Addresses Like this in Regular Use?

As mentioned in the section above, the IP address belongs to the private range of IP addresses. This range commences from to and it is apparent that this is over 65,000 IP addresses in all.

 This IP address format is very common because routers on the private networks have their configurations done with any of these Internet protocol address as the default address. You are most likely going to see the same thing when you do your connection with gadgets such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and others.

How Can One Gain Access to via Login Admin?

You can gain proper access through the router via a browser. The first step you need to do when it comes to gaining access to is to open a browser. Common browsers to be used for this include Mozilla Firefox or Chrome from Google.

On the address bar of the browser, what you need to do is enter this: and then press enter. This brings up a page where you can enter the username and password. Upon entering these details, press enters key or submit so you can gain full access. In many cases, there are default details for the username and password that come with the router settings.

Router Companies Making Use of

Numerous router brands make use of and the same thing applies to the private IP addresses too, not only the public ones. These router brands include LinkSys, TP-Link, ASUS and many others.

List of Username and Password


Gaining access via a router to utilize an IP address is one thing. However, maintaining the security of the network in use is another thing entirely. The most crucial thing you can do to ensure that your network remains intact and safe from intruders is for you to make sure that you effect a change with the default details.

The default username and password that come with the router packs are often very simple and can be guessed by an intruder who will then gain unauthorized access to your system. You should not allow this to happen so change the username and password into something more complicated but that is easy for you to remember quickly.

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