How to alter WiFi Password?

If you wish to alter the default router WiFi Password then stick to this step-by-step manual.


  • Login into admin panel of Router with IP Address default192.168.0.1 /
  • Write the default username & password (in most cases admin/admin).
  • Find the way to Wireless > Wireless Security >WPA2/WPA – Personal (Suggested) >Keyword.
  • Write your chosen password & Save the modification.


  • Login to the router settings web page through its IP Address default – /
  • Write your username & password (or find the list of default username & password).
  • Visit Wireless > Wireless Security > Security Mode setting into WPA2 just> Pre-Shared Key: write the chosen password.
  • Request the alteration> restart the WiFi & the new password will be employed.


  • Go to the router setup web page with its IP address default – / /
  • For verification write default usernames & password.
  • Visit Wireless > Security Selections> Choose WPA2-PSK [AES] >Here write your chosen keyword in Passphrase.
  • Request chances & reboot the WiFi for alterations to effect.

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