D-Link Router Setup

D-Link Router may be configured in only a few seconds& after you have configured the router & set it up, the connection of WI-Fi gets set up & you will be capable of connecting to the internet via the D-Link Router.

In advance to proceeding, ensure the Ethernet cable is linked to active data jack or modem or in rear of the router to the Ethernet port.

To set up the D-Link Router Follow the steps–

  • Switch on the D-Link Router.
  • Link the computer to the router by use of WiFi or an Ethernet Cable
  • After the computer is linked, open the web browser & visit or (Model to model the default gateway address might differ, below is default router IP address list).
  • A login web page will emerge. The default username is admin & the keyword must be kept vacant. Press on Login.
  • Here, you may configure & set up the router with the Setup Wizard Internet Connection.
  • In Wireless Setup write SSID (Name of WiFi) & Key (Keyword).
  • In WAN Setup select Connect type: DHCP/PPPoE/Static (You may inquire your ISP regarding the internet connection & the essential particulars).
  • When you have configured the internet connectivity, you may then press on Save & Connect & the router may now link to the Internet.
  • Then visit you may the Wireless Settings & set up the Wi-Fi Network as well a sits SSID &keyword.

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