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This Internet protocol address is one that is in the registry of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (also known as IANA) and it is one of those classified as private Internet protocol addresses. These are called private because they are not affixed to any particular organization and people can make use of them without further clearance from local authorities. This is not the same thing with the public Internet protocol addresses.

In other words, this is one IP address that can be utilized only within a network that is considered private. The address can be utilized by modems, routers or other similar gadgets. This piece is also going to give useful hints on how to do the login.

Username and Passwords Set for

If you are yet to modify the password and username for the router, then this section is ideal for you. The router admin panel passwords and login is an Internet protocol address that router brands like TP-Link utilize as the portal for access. It is possible to establish a router admin access using this address to give room for the admins to do resetting and configuration of their networks and routers.

How Can One Gain Access to via Login Admin?

This is a lot easier than many even think. Gaining access to the router admin panel via the Internet protocol address is going to allow you to modify the configurations and settings that come with the software application of the router brand you are using.

The first thing to do when gaining access is to open a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or any other good browser. Make sure that the browser was downloaded from the correct source as many unreliable sources are parading as browsers. Once the browser page is up, type this into the address bar of the browser: and press the enter key. That should bring up the login details and it is on the interface that you enter the username and password.

How to Reset the Router

There are some cases when one is not able to login to the router. When that happens, there are steps to be taken. On the rear end of the router is a tiny hole. Use a safety pin or a paper clip to press the button for a reset in this hole. Hold down the button for half a minute. When you release the button, allow the router to come on then try to login again. This often works  but if it does not work, press the reset button for 90 seconds and restart the router all over again.

Router Brands Making Use of

There are many brands of routers that make use of the Internet protocol address. Luxul, ASUS, and TP-Link are some of the most prominent examples in this regard.

List of Username and Password


 A good security hint is not to make use of the default details because they can be easily compromised. It is better to modify the default username and password details that came with the router settings. That is going to make it a lot tougher for those who want to break into your network.

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