Admin Login is an Internet protocol address that is categorized along with others that are in the set and these are private Internet protocol addresses. What this means is that it is ideal for use at home. It is typically possible for a router to affix the address to a desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone or any other gadget you wish to utilize in the connection.

The range of the IP addresses pointed out belongs to the private IP area and it follows the regulations put in place by the relevant authorities. And as a result of the fact that this range of IP addresses is private, it means they cannot be part of the Internet accessed by the general public. In a situation whereby a connection of the private network to the Internet has to be done, it has to utilize a gateway or a proxy server.

Why and other similar addresses seem to be everywhere

As indicated in the sections above, is one of the Internet protocol addresses that have been categorized as being private and this particular range covers right up to and what that implies is that there are well over 65,000 IP addresses that are covered in this range. It is regularly used in several private networks as a result of the fact that several router brands prefer to do their default configuration using addresses from this range. That explains why when you do your connection, you are likely going to see your IP address similar to any of the ones in this range.

How Can One Gain Access to via Login Admin?

One thing with the routers, irrespective of the brand that you are using, the router can gain access via the browser. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps. Enter your IP address like this –, enter it directly in the browser address bar. It is going to bring up a page for you to log in. On this page, enter the username and the password. You can check the router settings if you do not have these details. Once you get the details, enter them into the login page and you gain direct access.

Router Companies Making Use of

Several router companies are known for making use of this IP address. Even though they carry out the same function, it cannot be said that all routers are the same because they are not. This is true even if the routers were manufactured as various models from the same brand. D-Link and NETGEAR are some of the router companies that are known for utilizing as their login IP.

List of Username and Password


The router is going to come with its default settings especially when it comes to the username and password. In an age where systems can be compromised easily as a result of using default details, you must change these details to more sophisticated ones. This is going to prevent unauthorized access to your networks and confer protection on your vital information.

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