Login Admin – Default Username and Passwords is a customized IP kept aside for gaining access to the admin panel of routers. This particular IP and other similar ones are used and accepted across the globe as the conventional IPs for routers. Another name of it is Default Gateway IP.

What is the IP Address?

IP (Internet Protocol) address is one concept that is used in this piece but not everyone has a good understanding of what an IP address is so this section will shed more light on it. An IP address (Internet protocol) is usually a set of numbers affixed to every device (be it a desktop computer, phone or laptop) that is linked to cyberspace through an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

It is this protocol that allows the various components in the network to communicate with one another. Each IP address is unique and it is often matched to a particular address. Even though IPv4 format is now in wide use, IPv6 format has also been accepted too. As for the IPv4, it comes out as an IP address made up of 32 bits and two pairs of 8-bit numbers delineated by dots.

How can one login to via Login Admin?

There are many modems and wireless routers that make use of as their IP address. By using this address, the settings of Wi-Fi routers can be customized for individual or group use as passwords and other details can be modified. But that said, the IP address is going to be dependent on the kind of router brand you make use of.

When it comes to the aspect of logging in, there are just a few steps to be taken. The first thing to do is to link your router to the device like a laptop or smartphone. The router is going to show from its indicator light once the connection has been established.

Then open your preferred browser which can be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox or any other one. Just make sure you are using a browser from the direct source. In the address bar of your browser, type the following: and press the Enter button.

 Once that is done, the router admin panel is going to pop up. To log in, simply enter the username and password. Once you have logged in, you can set the configurations to the way you want it. For those who are unable to login this way, click on the ‘Access Router Panel’ and follow the instructions.

Router Companies Making Use of

Routers are different and the same applies even if the router models are made by the same company. Any of these companies utilize as its login IP and TP-Link is a very good example of this.

List of Username and Password


The is a very efficient portal for you to gain access to the outer world but in the process of using it, ensure that you protect it by making use of sophisticated passwords. Do not continue with the default password as that can compromise your entire network.

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